I wanted to thank you for your energetic presentation to the team. It is a real challenge to find a speaker who has the ability to motivate a well experienced sales team.  We were very pleased with the feedback we received from the team following your presentation.  The team was particularly impressed with the way you as a storyteller managed to tell an exciting and interesting story and weave into this some very relevant messages regarding goal setting and achievement.

The importance of getting a clear image of what success is and deciding if you are intending to win or just take part has really resonated with the team. Another that has been talked about a lot since your presentation is 'don’t say anything that will reduce the energy level of the team'.  This is a very important aspect of any sales team as keeping the energy levels up is critical to individuals that spend a significant part of their day away from the office and team members support.

Thank you Kevin for helping us to demonstrate that even jaded old sales teams can learn (or be reminded) what it is like to be energised by thinking a little differently about their roles. The journey you took us on was refreshing and interesting with the take home message 'Keep Rowing'! Thanks again Kevin

Garth Blake, Medline