Why Choose Kevin as your next keynote speaker?

Because you can be confident that I will deliver a presentation or workshop that will enthral and inform your audience and leave a lasting impact on your organisation.

The secret sauce is my adventures – I won the trans-Atlantic rowing race and trekked unsupported to the South Pole. Most recently I've been the co-host of TVNZ's 'First Crossings', and then 'Intrepid NZ' – tv shows about re-creating some of the epic adventures of trail-blazing pioneers in New Zealand. 

The ups and downs of preparation, the thrills and spills of the execution, the setbacks and the successes of these adventures provide plenty of gripping drama, and edge of the seat excitement. This creates a powerful learning environment and lots of fantastic 'hooks' to hang messages on. It doesn't matter if the audience are CEOs, sales people or students; they will spend their time leaning forward and taking notes or leaning back and laughing.

But I would say that wouldn't I? The real proof of the pudding is what my clients say.

What my clients say

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Some of my clients include...

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See Kevin in Action

If you've watched 'First Crossings' or 'Intrepid NZ' then you've seen me presenting. But here's a clip of me presenting when I'm not wearing old clothes. I'm talking about how to deal with the ‘dip’ in motivation that you typically experience when in the middle of big challenges. 

Here's a brief introduction about my latest workshop.

Here I am presenting to secondary school student leaders for Inspire NZ in July 2014. I only had 25 minutes so I'm speaking a lot faster than normal!

Like to see more? Here I am talking to a conference.