Fearlessly Facing Challenges

Is your team under pressure to deliver major results?

Are your staff daunted by the size of the challenge they have been asked to take on?

Few things stay the same in business. Competitors get faster and smarter. Consumers want more for less. To take your organisation to the next level of performance will often require setting and achieving audacious commercial goals – be it dramatically raised sales targets or rapidly developing new products.

However, when a team is handed a challenge that requires them to step out of their comfort zone, they may not always react with delight. If they are not fully engaged their efforts may only be half-hearted, leading to a lack of progress and a self-perpetuating cycle of discouragement. Energy that could be spent on making headway is instead siphoned off into making excuses and justifying poor performance rather than taking personal responsibility for the things that can be changed.

This presentation confronts those unspoken doubts head-on, and provides tips, tools and realistic strategies to help refocus team members on what they can control. It helps them build resilience, create momentum and achieve success.

My experience and what I bring

I have a lot of sympathy for teams taking on a big challenge – when I was considering taking part in the trans-Atlantic rowing race, or trekking to the South Pole I was mesmerised by how this was very likely to lead to a lot of painful suffering and then death. The brain is very good at coming up with ‘sensible’ reasons why it might be wiser to take on other objectives – particularly when you don’t have any rowing background and are prone to seasickness.

The very first step was dealing with the perception of risk, and I share a very powerful insight that was pivotal on setting me back on track, correcting my attitude.

Then there is the distance. If you’ve flown across an ocean and looked out of the window you may have remarked at how much water there is in the world. If it seems like a lot when you are at 30,000 feet and travelling at 700 miles an hour, then you can imagine what it feels like when you are down on the water going 3 miles an hour. You spend all day rowing towards the horizon and what do you find when you get there? Only another horizon.

Under these circumstances it is extremely easy to feel overwhelmed, and perversely it becomes very difficult to make yourself do what is required to make progress. I share the three techniques that allowed me to break this cycle and continue persevering at maximum effort.

The approach that I take

I focus on the questions and objections that take place during the various stages of a challenging project that if left unanswered will cripple motivation.

• Why do we need to do this?
• What about the risks?
• But I don’t know how!
• How committed do I need to be?
• What if we don’t get along? (for new teams)
• We’re not making any progress!
• Is it going to be worth it?

With each question I provide a technique, or a new belief that will assist team members to achieve more than they thought possible without sacrificing their sense of humour or sanity along the way!

What you will learn about

• How to take action and break the grip of inertia
• How to deal with the perception of excessive risk once and for all
• Tips for getting along with other team members
• The secret to maintaining motivation when progress is slow
• The key to help ensure that you enjoy the journey


“We have had numerous motivational speakers over the years. None have had the resounding impact that Kevin had. The quantity of unsolicited feedback from our employees clearly indicated the excellence of Kevin’s presentation. Kevin inspired the team by showing an every day person can achieve outstanding results.” -Ah Leen Rayner, Marketing Manager, 3M 

“Inspirational and entertaining! Kevin’s humour and fascinating stories about his adventures kept our people enthralled. His story was inspiring and showed our team that no matter what obstacles you may encounter, you can overcome them and be a success. The feedback from the convention attendees on his presentation was fantastic. I can definitely recommend him.” – Ella James, McDonald’s

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