2023 Best Keynote Speakers in NZ

Are you looking for the best motivational keynote speakers in NZ? Any of these NZ based presenters are incredibly experienced and battle tested. They are guaranteed to energise and motivate your team and lift your event to the next level.

Looking for the best motivational speaker in NZ

NZ is an awesome place to find great motivational speakers

New Zealand’s snowy alps and Southern Ocean nurtured the adventuring greats of Sir Edmund Hillary and yachting legend Peter Blake. Incredible entrepreneurs like Peter Beck from Rocket Labs and Ian Taylor from Virtual Eye. When it comes to motivational keynote presenters NZ punches well above its weight! If you’re organising a conference in NZ then the quality and depth of the local talent might surprise you. 

So how do you find the best motivational keynote speakers in NZ? Well I have put together a detailed process here about how motivational speakers work and how to find the one that is perfect for your event.  But in summary, you are looking for:

  • a highly experienced speaker
  • who is relatable
  • who has been through a journey and overcome setbacks like your team

To reach their challenge, your team has to overcome their doubts, set a goal, commit to the goal, put together a plan, put lots of work in, suffer through setbacks, find ways to work as a team and come back from near failure to persevere to the end.

The speaker who has been through that journey is likely to be the ‘best’ speaker for your conference!

To get a shortlist of the best motivational keynote speakers in NZ you can always Google ‘Motivational speakers nz’. But if you’re looking to short cut this process still further and just want to find the best motivational speaker in NZ pronto then someone who has gone there and stuck his neck out is Dave Staughton of the Presentation Skills Academy. Dave is based in Melbourne, Australia but has good connections to the NZ speaking scene. So based largely on his view of who you should have at your next Queenstown, Auckland or Christchurch conference …

NZ Scene with title - Who are the best keynote speakers in NZ?

Best Motivational Keynote Conference Speakers in NZ 2023

Here is an edited list of the best NZ based motivational speakers.

  • Kevin Biggar – Trans-Atlantic rowing race winner, South Pole trekker and TV host. Incredibly experienced speaker who gets stellar reviews. Very strong on business takeaways.
  • Cam Calkoen – Paralympian with cerebral palsy. Probably the most booked motivational speaker in NZ at the moment. Audiences go crazy!
  • Mike Allsop – Mt Everest summiter, multiple consecutive day marathon runner, airline pilot. Fun fact- Mike has shared the stage with Tony Robbins.
  • Mark Inglis – Also an Everest climber – and a paralympian. Mark lost his legs in a climbing accident and became the first double amputee to climb the world’s highest mountain. Mark has extensive international speaking experience and much more to his story than just climbing.
  • Tony Christiansen – also has no legs. Hasn’t let it stop him from becoming a lifeguard, scuba diver, motor-racing champion and snow skier.
  • Billy Graham – boxer and fitness fanatic. Left school unable to read or write and became an entrepreneur and one of NZ’s most loved motivational speakers.
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