After two nights and no sleeps on planes I have finally arrived into a cold and wet NY city. There is a big snow storm mauling the coast that means tomorrow morning (early Monday morning NZ time) on the start line the 'Real Feel' temperature as they call it here, will be below freezing, with a strong cold northerly blast that’s definitely going to put a tilt in my tutu. 

Did someone say tutu? That’s right! Your kind donations to Give-a-little have kept coming in so (with the matching funds) the total is now $7104!!! Which, if you consult the Menu of Mockery, means that the hot pink Ego-Slaying Tutu of Death is now officially part of my race equipment! A big congratulations everyone – thank you so much for all of your kindness and generosity and for making my humiliation complete!

Last night I was wandering around the Greenwich Village enjoying watching people out in their Halloween costumes. I spoke to an Ogre and Friar Tuck who told me that they were going to join the huge Halloween Parade, and in fact anyone could come if they had a costume. ‘If only a had a fancy dress!’ sighed this Cinderella. ‘Aha but you do!’ says this Fairy Godmother. So in a flash of my metro card I was back at the apartment pulling out the hot pink Scary Fairy outfit. 

I gave myself a quick look in the mirror before I left and was suddenly doubtful. The other costumes I had seen on the street were all mutilated mummies and putrefying corpses and other typical variations on your relatively traditional and wholesome Halloween themes. The hot pink fairy outfit looked a bit too … perverse.  I thought I should get the opinion of the doorman. ‘Will I be arrested?’ I asked. He winced. ‘Probably’. I went anyway and it was great! People kindly said I was the Tooth Fairy. Nice.

Here's what to do!

We're going to be digging deep to get through the marathon in these sub zero conditions and it's not too late for you to dig deep too so please click here - EVERY DONATION IS MATCHED DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR! So 200% of your contribution goes to 'Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa'.

If you would like to see how I’m doing in the run or how I’ve done – go here

I’m bib 1887 or just type in ‘Biggar’

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I’m running the NY Marathon tomorrow morning to help reduce the number of people who needlessly die of bowel cancer in NZ every year. Every donation is matched dollar for dollar.

So go now to Give-a-little and help turn the two million people who line the streets of this race into a howling, jeering 26 mile Tunnel of Ridicule - oh and help rid the world of bowel cancer!