The Break Through Workshop

Is your team under pressure to deliver exceptional results?

Are they working below their full potential?

Driving your organisation to greater success requires setting and achieving goals that currently seem ambitious. Unfortunately, it’s one thing to set an audacious goal – it’s another to get your team to emotionally invest in a target that seems beyond what they are currently capable of and make meaningful progress towards it.

The tendency for people to stay inside their comfort zone is strong. When faced with a new challenge some will immediately find silent ‘reasons’ for not committing. You can attempt to encourage with external rewards and incentives but you know yourself that even with the best will in the world there is often a gap between wanting a result and doing something about achieving it. And when commitment is half hearted progress can be poor and motivation falters.

Breakthrough workshop by keynote speaker Kevin BiggarThis intensive half day workshop identifies and confronts the internal road blocks to achieving audacious goals. It provides participants with a set of tools and insights to help them remove their internal barriers to success and make a step change in performance.


This workshop is about lifting performance. It gets participants to identify the mental ‘road-blocks’ to their success and replace them with empowering new attitudes and techniques. Through discussions, team and individual exercises, participants learn and practise the tools to be more effective, confident and resilient as they take on their challenges.

Who is this workshop for?

  • If you are about to set an audacious challenge to your team

  • If you have set some audacious challenge and progress is not as expected.

  • If you want to provide staff with the tools to perform to their potential

  • If you’re looking for a step change in performance


This workshop starts from the position that motivated, capable and well-resourced people won’t achieve at their potential if there are gaps in their skills or they have limiting attitudes and beliefs.

This workshop is particularly effective because the content is highly customised to the requirements of the attendees. Prior to the workshop participants are anonymously surveyed to diagnose the most common mental barriers. These typically include:

  • “What if I fail?” (How to address the worst case and reframing what failure means)

  • “I’m just not sure it’s worth it” (Dealing with the objections, lack of enthusiasm and commitment when taking on a large, daunting challenge)

  • “I’m never going to get there” (Dealing with setbacks and improving persistence)

  • “I don’t know how to do it” (Dealing with over and under confidence about skill levels)

  • “I can’t get started” (Overcoming procrastination)

The results are presented back to the team and then ‘antidotes’ are provided, discussed and then applied to their individual circumstance. The result is a bespoke solution, tightly coupled to your organisation’s objectives, and the individual’s requirements. No role plays, no interpretative dance, just relevant information and focussed, highly interactive and inclusive exercises.

A workbook is available for the cost of printing.


By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have identified any limiting mindsets and mental barriers

  • Have increased confidence to take on challenges

  • Be more resilient in the face of setbacks

  • Have a range of methods for persisting through adversity

  • Distinguish between ‘failure’, ‘setbacks’ and ‘falling short’ and have techniques to deal with each

  • Have powerful methods for overcoming lack of commitment

  • Be able to apply a range of techniques to bust through procrastination

  • Understand the link between measurement and motivation – and be able to match the best metric to their situation

(Note that content will vary depending on the issues currently facing participants.)

Case Study

Here is an example of the content from a recent workshop.

 “I don’t have what it takes” 

– The distinction between a Fixed and Growth Mindset

– Do you have a Fixed Mindset?

– The importance of application and practice, rather than natural ability, to success

“What if I fall short?”

– Understanding the distinction between having a failure and having a setback – and what the point of a goal really is

– The difference between ‘Outcomes’, ‘Goals; and ‘Processes’, and the role each plays in successful goal setting.

“Its going to be too painful!”

– The limits to rational thinking when assessing whether to take on a daunting challenge

– Five ways to get emotionally engaged with your goal

“I don’t know how”

– Avoiding the common trap of overestimating your skills.

– How to do a skill assessment and where to get solutions

“I can’t seem to get started”

– Identifying ways to make your key tasks more enjoyable.

– The ‘Pomodoro’, ‘Goop’ and other techniques for smashing procrastination.

“I’m never going to get there”

– Understanding that the fuel of motivation is making progress.

– The four different ways to measure progress.

Client Feedback


Recently IAG were looking for a workshop to bring one of their new brand values of ‘Brave’ to life to key product development and underwriting staff. Participants were taken through a customised version of ‘The Breakthrough Workshop’.

> “We asked Kevin to help us explore one of the dimensions (Braver) of our new company Spirit. He adapted his material very skilfully to this topic and his use of technology really helped us engage as a team, and gave bravery a whole new meaning. It was inspiring as well as entertaining and gave us great tools to add to our kit going forward.” – Allan Dornan, Chief Operating Officer Executive, IAG NZ Ltd”

Recently Refresh Renovations were looking for an inspiring keynote followed by a highly practical goal setting workshop for 40 of their franchisees at their annual conference in the Gold Coast. The objective was to encourage them to set and achieve audacious goals for the year.

> “Kevin presented twice at the 2016 Refresh Renovations Annual Conference. We were spellbound by Kevin’s “My Oarsome Adventure” speech which was followed by the half day Breakthrough workshop. Both sessions were fast paced, inspiring and very relevant to business, with a great touch of humour. It was great to learn about how we can use Kevin’s methods to achieve our own success.” – Matt Steele, Franchise Operations Manager, Refresh Renovations”


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