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Getting the Most Motivation From Your Motivational Speaker

It starts with knowing WHY you want the speaker. The specific requirements of your event and your audience at your function all add up to something unique. 

From a keynote presentation intended to energise and provoke ideas at a conference, to seminars teaching your sales staff the principles of goal setting and motivation, to entertaining clients at a Christmas function – In every case, you want a motivational speaker because you want results. After listening to a motivational speaker you want the audience to come away with a new understanding and a different attitude – to think differently and act differently. You want them to enjoy themselves too! 

So before any presentation I will always meet with you to understand the background and goals of the occasion, the size and demographics of the audience, and what content needs to be put across in what manner so that my presentation and delivery can be specifically crafted to meet your needs, and you get maximum value from having me. 

That said – here is what I typically get asked to do: 

• To help achieve peak performance in an organisation 
• Entertain and inspire staff and clients
• Provide insight into outrageous (but achievable) goal setting
• Provide techniques for maintaining motivation and persevering through adversity
• To help create high performing teams 

To help give you a better idea of what I present on, see the box below. Of course the content of these speeches can be mixed and matched or new content created for your specific situation. 

Email me or phone me to have a chat, or get some ideas from below.

The latest information pack of Kevin Biggar

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