Keynote Speaker Kevin Biggar

As a keynote speaker for your next conference you can be confident I will add inspiration, entertainment and also some crunchy tools that your delegates will be able to use right away. Think of it as 'info-trainment'!


For more than ten years I've been presenting as a keynote speaker in New Zealand. I’ve spoken over 400 times to groups as small as 5 and as large as 1800, spreading the message about how to take on fearsome goals, increase performance, and energising and uniting your teams. More recently I've received great feedback about my 'Mental Toughness' or 'Resilience' workshop and keynote.

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I know this stuff because I’ve lived it, winning the, trans-Atlantic rowing race and then as part of the first kiwi team to trek unsupported to the South Pole. You may also have seen me as a co-host for the TVNZ show ‘First Crossings’.

Conference organisers often put me on first thing - to start the day with a bang. Others have me on as their keynote speaker just after lunch to jolt attendees out of their food comas. But most commonly I'm doing my keynote as the last event of the day to ensure that the participants leave feeling energised and inspired.

Over the last ten years I've been proud to be involved presenting as a NZ keynote speaker for many of the biggest (and not so big) companies in NZ. Companies like Air NZ, Fonterra and IBM. Check out just some of my feedback here. Go on. I dare you.

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