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If you’re planning a conference or event in Wellington, Kevin Biggar is a massively experienced and accomplished presenter who can inspire, motivate, engage and inform your audience. 

Kevin has spoken many times at various venues throughout the region. From Te Papa, to Boomrock to Sky Stadium. For government clients like The Treasury, DIA, Ministry of Fisheries, Statistics NZ and many private sector clients like Sovereign insurance, Frucor and Z Energy.

A great conference speaker can make all the difference in the success of your event, helping to drive attendance, boost engagement, and create a memorable experience for your attendees. 

Conference speakers can help businesses and organisations of all sizes to achieve their goals, whether that’s increasing sales, improving employee performance, or building brand awareness. A great conference speaker can inspire and motivate your audience, providing them with new insights and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities they face.

By choosing the right conference speaker, you can create an engaging and memorable experience for your attendees, driving long-term benefits for your business or organisation.

Introducing your next Wellington Keynote speaker Kevin Biggar

Motivational speaker Kevin Biggar

Hi, I’m Kevin Biggar. 

Through presentations and workshops I provide teams with the attitudes and techniques to enable them to:

– take on their own tough challenges;
– deal with change; and
– persist through setbacks. 

This is the type of feedback that I get.

Kevin was quite simply one of the best keynotes that I have seen nationally or internationally. He had an amazing story to tell vividly brought to life in a very engaging session rich with learnings and replete with some real nuggets of wisdom to take away. My suggestion? If he is not available on your event date, then change your event date!

If Google had 10 stars – I would give them to Kevin – He speaks from the heart having achieved some amazing feats of human endurance. He presents fantastic goal setting techniques that are tailored to the audience making him the best motivational speaker I have ever heard.

Kevin’s presentation in Wellington couldn’t have been better for us! We had high expectations that were quickly exceeded by Kevin’s story-telling, humour and powerful insights that very closely attuned to our conference theme.

Our team were absolutely rapt with Kevin’s presentation at our corporate team away day in Wellington recently. I couldn’t recommend Kevin highly enough. He’s grounded, funny, humble and authentic. His presentation had everyone enthralled, and found Kevin hugely personable, easy-going, and an absolute hoot. We all got something out of it that we’ll keep with us for a long time to come.

There are over 110 similar reviews on my website here

But I wasn’t always a full time public speaker. Here’s how this all started.

After a successful academic and business career as a management consultant I was having a bit of a quarter life crisis. I was overweight and out of work and spending a lot of time on my Mum’s sofa eating fast food when I saw a news clip about the trans-Atlantic rowing race. I figured it wasn’t as hard it looked (!) But then, after some research I found that it was actually quite tough and potentially deadly and possibly better suited for people that knew how to row. So I quit.

No one was more surprised than me to find myself two years later at the finish line having won the race and set a new world record. I then went on to take on a much harder challenge, to be the first ever Kiwi to trek unsupported and un-resupplied to the South Pole. The thing that I most get recognised for in New Zealand is from being the host of the TVNZ series ‘First Crossings’ and ‘Intrepid NZ’ – recreating the adventures of pioneering NZ explorers. Think Bear Grylls in a waistcoat!

Now I’m one of NZ’s most active and successful presenters. I have more 5-star Google reviews (more than 100) than any ‘motivational speaker’ in NZ. Here is a recent review.

Kevin was the keynote speaker for our conference. Every franchise owner came to talk to me afterwards to say he was the best speaker they had ever encountered. The conference was 3 months ago and the team are still talking about his anecdotes, adventures and words of wisdom today.

I work hard to make sure that every client gets the result they are striving for. Here’s some more feedback.

We asked Kevin to speak to a group of around 50 engineers about building resilience. Not only did he tailor his presentation to our team and our goals, but he was hilarious and engaging too! I've never heard my colleagues laugh so much! We received a huge amount of positive feedback from the team who labelled Kevin "awesome" and "inspiring." His energy is infectious and his epic stories were thought provoking. Thanks again Kevin 🙂

We have had numerous motivational speakers over the years. None have had the resounding impact that Kevin had. The quantity of unsolicited feed back from our employees clearly indicated the excellence of Kevin’s presentation. Kevin inspired the team by showing an every day person can achieve outstanding results.

Thank you Kevin for speaking at our investor function last night, it was a perfect end to the evening. People gasped, people laughed and people raved about it afterwards. I was so impressed with your professional presentation and attitude and you were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs a speaker to motivate, inspire or just plain entertain."

Kevin nailed it. Don’t tell him this, but he got the highest score on the delegates’ evaluation forms. Our clients thought it was a great presentation and we were delighted. I’d happily recommend Kevin to anyone else looking for an entertaining and inspirational speaker. In addition to delivering on the day, he was professional to deal with, keen to listen to what we wanted, sought feedback along the way, and worked well with our logistics team.

 Thanks so much for yesterday, it was an unqualified success with your presentation the hands-down highlight for everyone. Your key messages were so well aligned with where we want to go and the leadership profiles that we have in our organisation and aspire for our team to develop - it was just oarsome!

“From the minute we decided to book Kevin he was brilliant to deal with. Kevin took the time to understand the audience he would be engaging with. He came up with his ideas on how best he could help us achieve our goals. He makes his content & key messages relatable to his audience at all times.”​

I get such supportive reviews because my adventures give me a huge advantage as a presenter.

They provide a treasure trove of exciting, attention grabbing, unforgettable anecdotes that drive the message home. As the audience leans forward in their chairs to hear more about the capsize or crevasse, they are very receptive to my advice about a mindset or a tool that they can then use when facing their own challenges.

I often get stopped in the airport by a former client to be told that their staff are still laughing about ‘The 3 Bastards Rule’ or reminding each other of ‘The story of the Sea Anchor’.

In fact, to see how I combine a compelling anecdote with a learning please check out this video of just one of the stories- it’s the one I mentioned above, ‘The Story of the Sea Anchor’ about how adversity can be an opportunity. 


Why have Kevin as your next Wellington Conference speaker?

Want your audience to be paying attention? Kevin won the trans-Atlantic rowing race and was the first kiwi to trek unsupported to the South Pole. When Kevin presents on mental toughness, facing challenges, energising teams and taking performance to the next level he shares tried and proven real world lessons.

Want to sleep the night before? No problem. This won’t be Kevin’s first rodeo. He has been delighting and inspiring audiences for nearly 20 years. In that time he has spoken to some 800 organisations across New Zealand, Australia and the UK. For three years he was the co-host of the TVNZ documentary series ‘First Crossings’ and ‘Intrepid NZ’. From pip-fruit growers to board directors Kevin has worked with an audience like your team.

Want your team to be acting, talking and thinking more effectively? Kevin’s messages will be resonating around your organisation long after his presentation or workshop. His more than 100 client testimonials reflect the effort that goes into making each presentation and workshop exceptional.

On the internet it can be difficult to tell speakers apart. Making the wrong choice could be all the difference between having a conference or event that sparkles or fizzles. You could spend a lot of your precious time looking.

Or you could join companies like Fonterra, ASB, BNZ, MTF, Beca, Air NZ, MacDonalds and Warehouse Stationery and contact Kevin and get this sorted now!

Motivational Speaker Wellington

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